Monday, June 3, 2013

Collective Ulta3 Nail Polish Haul Pt 2

Hello everyone. I hope you are having a good day. Today's post is going to be a part two of my collective nail polish haul. If you haven't seen part one you can check it out here. All of these nail polishes are from Ulta3. They are an Australian brand nail polish that retail for around $2. They can be found at selected pharmacies, Big W, Coles and Target. To find a stockist nearest to you check out their facebook page (here). Now let's get onto this haul.
L-R: black satin, midnight, hollywood, orchid, black plum, callyso holiday, acapulco bliss
  • Black Satin: Rich black creme
  • Midnight: Dark navy creme
  • Hollywood: Bright metallic royal blue
  • Orchid: Purple shimmer
  • Black Plum: Rich burgundy red with dark shimmer
  • Calypso Holiday: Medium bright blue with strong shimmer
  • Acapulco Bliss: Dark pink with purple shimmer
L-R: soft hydrangea, blue heaven, earl grey, mojito, disco fever
  • Soft Hydrangea: Pastel blue creme with silver pearl finish
  • Blue Heaven: Blue creme
  • Earl Grey: Taupe brown
  • Mojito: Mint green creme
  • Disco Fever: Clear base with red glitters
L-R: french pink, watermelon, coral reef, strawberry sundae, plum violet
  • French Pink: Pale french pink
  • Watermelon: Pinky salmon creme
  • Coral Reef: Yellow toned red crelly
  • Strawberry Sundae: Pink creme
  • Plum Violet: Dark pink creme
For the low price I find these to be exceptional but some colours can be a hit or miss. Most of the polishes apply without any major problems but there are the odd colours which are a nightmare to work with. 
Have you tried any Ulta3 products? If so which products? Did you like it or hate it?
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  1. Wow great haul! I love Ulta 3. Such great value :)

  2. Ear grey, blue heaven and plum violet look gorgeous - I have never heard of this brand before x

    1. Ulta3 is a brand only available in Australia and New Zealand I believe. They are at a very affordable price. I have a few Ulta3 products in my upcoming giveaway.

  3. I used to love Ulta3 when they were made in Australia, but since production moved to PRC everything is a letdown. The colours differ from the originals, formula is either too runny or too gloopy, and the brush is too stiff :( why Ulta3 WHY? Nowadays I just go for Essence polishes.