Thursday, November 22, 2012

Beauty Haul

These are a few things I picked up a few weeks ago. This is my first beauty haul I hope you like.

The first things I picked up was the GIRLZ ONLY HAIRCARE Dry Shampoo and dry pray conditioner in Dawn 'til dusk.
($2 each)

Next thing is the MAYBELLINE Baby lips in Anti-oxidant berry

I also got the MUD nail colour in 019 Paradise Valley. I picked this up at Woolworths.

ESSIE nail polish in Lollipop. The description online was 'Candy cane red' which I thought was perfect for Christmas.

ULTA3 nail colour in Clear. 

CHI CHI salon formula nail polish in Hissy Fit. The RRP price is $5.
But I got this on sale.

ESSENCE Ready for boarding nail polish in 04 Via Airmail
I got this on sale so I don't know the original price.

The final thing I got was the ESSENCE Ready for boarding nail polish in 01 Sending You Kisses. This I also got on sale.

I know this isn't a big haul but I hoped you enjoyed anyway. 

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