Monday, December 24, 2012

Sinful Colors in Australia

I wanted to get this up as quick as possible to get the word out. I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping when I came across a Sinful Colors nail polish display at Target, unfortunately the stand was empty which I was very sad about. The next stop I made was Priceline were I also saw the stand and it still had some colours left which I quickly grabbed out.
I wasn't aware that Sinful Colors was expanding to Australia. They cost $4.95 each which I was happy with. If you know cosmetics in Australia they can be pretty expensive. If some of you don't know what Sinful Colors is they are an American brand nail polish which in America only retail for about $1-$2.
I picked up two colours, I didn't want to get a lot just in case I didn't like them. If you want to know what colours I got check out my haul post here
I'm not sure what stores they're at but I'm sure most Target and Priceline have them. They are also available at Kmart for $4.
Sinful Colors currently have five different types of nail polish; cream, matte, glitter, pearl and shimmer.

You can purchase Sinful Colors from priceline here

Have you bought the nail polishes yet? Please leave a comment below.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hello lovelies, sorry I haven't posted in like 2 weeks. I've been super busy. So today I have a NOTD.
I decided to go for a pastel colour and also added some glitter on my ring finger.

 The two colours I used were Revlon -  185 Lilac Pastelle and BOE BEAUTY - 33 Glitter Frosting
Boe Beauty Glitter Frosting - Silver glitter with a clear base
Consistency - The consistency is pretty thick like other glitter polishes
Opaque - Depends how you want the glitter on your nails
Glossy - Not glossy
Revlon Lilac Pastelle - A light lilac pink creme colour
Consistency - The consistency is perfect for me, its not to thick or not to thin.
Opaque - It's opaque in two coats.
Glossy -  It's not as glossy to my likings.

I used 3 coats of both nail polishes, I absolutely love this colour.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beauty Haul- Priceline, Target, Big W

I recently went shopping and picked up a few things most where of course nail polish (sorry I just can't help my self). The stores I went to were Priceline, Target and Big W.

BOE Beauty Nail Enamel
First are these nail polishes that I got from Big W for only $2 each.They also sell eyeshadows, mascara, eyeliner and more for only $2. I picked up the nail polishes to compare to the Ulta3 polishes.
Colours are from left to right
- #33 Glitter Frosting 
- #24 Ballet Pink 
- #13 Pretty Baby
- #3 Blue Illusion

The Australis nail enamel was purchased from Priceline for only $4.95. They were having a $3 off all Australis products. And the Essence Colour and Go nail polish was from Target for only $1.38 I believe it was on clearence. 
From left to right
- 51074 Today's News
- 51059 Peek-a-boo
- 95 wanna be your sunshine
-  92 better late than never

I purchased the Revlon nail enamel for $13.95 and Ulta3 polish for $2 from Target.
The St.Ives face scrub was purchased from Priceline for $2.79
- 185 Lilac Pastelle
- Confetti
- Apricot Scrub Blemish Fighting 30ml
That's my haul, Hoped you enjoyed and please follow would be much appreciated and once I reach 25 followers I will be having a giveaway.


It's Thursday which means it Nails of the day time, yay! This week I went with a more green-blue colour.
This colour was in my first beauty haul. 
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The nail polish I have is from MUD which can be found at Woolworths and the colour is 019 Paradise Valley.
I love this colour, the polish itself is okay for a $3 nail polish. 
 I hope that you like this weeks nail colour and I have another beauty haul coming up which should be going up in a few days.
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Beauty Haul

These are a few things I picked up a few weeks ago. This is my first beauty haul I hope you like.

The first things I picked up was the GIRLZ ONLY HAIRCARE Dry Shampoo and dry pray conditioner in Dawn 'til dusk.
($2 each)

Next thing is the MAYBELLINE Baby lips in Anti-oxidant berry

I also got the MUD nail colour in 019 Paradise Valley. I picked this up at Woolworths.

ESSIE nail polish in Lollipop. The description online was 'Candy cane red' which I thought was perfect for Christmas.

ULTA3 nail colour in Clear. 

CHI CHI salon formula nail polish in Hissy Fit. The RRP price is $5.
But I got this on sale.

ESSENCE Ready for boarding nail polish in 04 Via Airmail
I got this on sale so I don't know the original price.

The final thing I got was the ESSENCE Ready for boarding nail polish in 01 Sending You Kisses. This I also got on sale.

I know this isn't a big haul but I hoped you enjoyed anyway. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Today's Thursday and that means nail of the day time. This week I painted my nails a a light green mint colour. The colour I painted my nails was Maybelline Mini Colorama- Green Park. This colour doesn't really match my skin tone, and the colour is really sheer. I painted 3 coats

Maybelline Mini Colorama-Green Park

I purchased this nail polish from Kmart you can purchase this from stores that sell Maybelline products (e.g  Priceline, Big W). The RRP is around $5. I don't really the consistency I find it to watery and probably would not buy this type of polish again.I hope you enjoyed and please follow, your support would be most appreciated.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


I'm not sure if you guys know this but I'm obsessed with nail polish, I change my nails once a week but sometimes in a couple days depending if I get sick of the colours on my nails.

Right now in Australia/ the southern hemisphere it is currently spring and I love to wear pastels and bright colours, I live in Melbourne so the weather can change quite suddenly some days it may be hot and next its freezing. Spring weather in Melbourne is absolutely amazing on the good days anyway.

The colour I'm wearing is Barcelona by B Collection by Bloom. I absolutely love this colour, it's a coral colour that I think is perfect for spring and summer. B Collection by Bloom is exclusively available at Target it retails for $14.95 I got it while it was on sale for only $5.